Mastering Disneyland With A Toddler

February 19, 2018

After going to Disneyland with a baby and now a toddler, I wanted to put together some really easy tips for families to master Disneyland.

1. Take plenty of snacks and water! Even though Disneyland sells both, it can get expensive if you have multiple kids in addition to the bubble machines and ears they want. We always bring food and snacks with us every trip. We do always end up buying ice cream, popcorn and pretzels but because we also bring food, we don’t have to spend tons on it. I suggest bringing sandwiches already made, fruit and veggies already cut up, their favorite snacks like Goldfish or crackers and definitely plenty of water. We always bring our Hydroflask to keep our waters cold all day.

2. Bring a carrier. I’ve carried my daughter since day 1. I carried her in a Sollybaby than switched to an Ergobaby 360 when she got a little bit bigger. She is currently a month shy of 2 years old and 28 pounds. I always bring my Ergobaby and carry her in it when it’s time to nap. She still takes a 2-3 hour nap daily and a trip to Disneyland isn’t getting in her way of that haha. So what I do, now that she can walk and is a toddler, is put her in the Ergobaby 360 when it is around her nap time or I see that she is getting tired. She will fall asleep within 10 minutes and sometimes even less when she is in the carrier. A sleeping baby in a stroller prevents you on going on any rides and that’s no fun. When we went to Disneyland this past weekend, I put her in the carrier when it was around her nap time, she fell asleep within 5 minutes and we rode Pirates as she slept. She didn’t wake up and slept for about an hour. That is a shorter time than usual, but it was just enough time to recharge her for the rest of the day.

3. Bring pjs for the ride home. Since we live in San Diego and Disneyland is about an hour and a half to two hours away, I like to change Claire into pajamas for the ride home so she is comfortable. She will always fall asleep on the ride home and changing her into her pjs allows me to transfer her into her bed right away without waking her up to change her. We usually get home late from Disney so this is really convenient.

4. Get a fastpass. We all know standing in long lines is annoying. Now add a toddler to that hour line and you have yourself some craziness. Disneyland allows you to get 1 fast pass at a time and I can just tell you it is so worth it. Before we went on Pirates, we grabbed fast passes to Buzz Lightyear. The wait for Pirates was about 40 min. We rode pirates and headed towards Buzz. The fast passes allow you a 1 hour time period and we got there right as the hour started. We waited in line for about 15 minutes and that 15 minutes was spent walking to the ride. This is really beneficial in the summer when it is super busier than normal and also during holidays.

5. If you want to take pictures with Mickey and Minnie Mouse, head over to Toontown and you will be sure to find them always there. There will be a wait to meet them, but your kids can play in their house while you wait.

6. Buy your tickets online ahead of time. I can’t tell you how many time we did not do this and wasted a good hour waiting in line when we got to Disneyland. This time, we bought tickets online a couple days in advance and avoided the long lines. You don’t even have to print your tickets, all they need to do is scan your phone.

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