Postpartum Doula

Amy South

I’m Amy and I live with my husband, two boys, and dog in Oceanside. We love to be together, go on adventures, and have movie nights!

I am a trained postpartum doula and work to make sure that families are supported during their postpartum experience. I am there to support all family members: Mom, Dad, older siblings, grandparents, or whoever else is around and in the home during the time after a new baby is welcomed into a family. I prepare light meals, do baby laundry, household organization, grocery errands, baby related errands and much more. I am there to be a mother-figure to the family and provide them with the comfort and support that they deserve. I strive to ensure that Mom is getting plenty of rest and comforting foods so that she can recovery her body and mind. I do not perform medical tasks, however I have a lot of local resources so that I can make appropriate referrals to other sources if necessary. My ultimate goal is to work myself out of the job so that the family is fully confident to independently care for each other.


Social Media:
Instagram: @amypostpartumdoula