5 Tips To keeping Your Relationship Fresh After Baby

March 2, 2018

-Schedule a day date or night date at least once a week without kids. If you do not have a sitter, that’s ok because you can do this at home. After your kids go to bed you can play board games, sit by the fireplace and watch a movie, eat dessert together, watch your favorite show and pop open a bottle wine.

-Continue to do things you did before having a baby. If you worked out together before, continue that. If you enjoyed cooking together continue to do that as well.

-Remember that kids need to adapt to your life not the other way around.

-Have sex as often as you can. It can get pretty crazy, especially with multiple kids so take any opportunity you can.

-If things aren’t going the way you want with your marriage don’t be afraid to ask for help. Seeing a marriage and family therapist can do all the wonders.

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